Preparing for the ACT: Tips for Reading Faster Practice

Preparing for the ACT: Tips for Reading Faster Practice

When you prepare for the ACT, you want to be sure you focus on strategies besides simply going through your lessons. One of the sections this works best for is the reading test.

Students explain that a timed test adds extra pressure and stress, eventually affecting their performance. But with the right preparation, you can keep yourself collected during the exam.

Here are a few tips to consider when you try reading faster practice.

Read Information in Chunks

One of the best ways to read faster is through chunking. It means going through long text passages in groups rather than taking in each word one at a time. Doing so allows you to understand phrases quicker, helping you digest what a passage is about at a quicker pace.

For this, you can start by training yourself to read three to five words at a time, making sure each word is within your peripheral vision. The more you do it, the faster you can go through long texts.

Avoid Rereading Parts

Most people would reread words or paragraphs when they get confused or don’t feel a hundred percent sure about what they read. However, it causes you to jump back and forth, and eventually get out of track.

To stay in focus, you want to avoid rereading parts of the passage by tracking where you are. This way, you can learn to absorb information quickly without constantly going back.

Skim First, Scan Later

A popular testing strategy is to skim first and scan later. With this method, you need to skim through the passage and note the main points on your first read. Once you finish, go through the questions and scan for the answers.

The goal of skimming is to help you see the bigger picture and understand its structure. So, when you find out what information you need, you will know exactly where to find them.

With this, you can practice reading faster and focus on saving time during the test.

Visually Keep Track

As simple as it sounds, keeping track of where you are in the passage helps you finish it faster. It’s one way to maintain focus and ensure you don’t miss any critical information.

Through this, you can also make sure you understand and retain the information properly before moving to the next parts.

Try Timing Yourself

Using a testing timer is a great addition to reading faster practice since it, quite literally, measures how fast you can read. Moreover, it helps you get used to comprehending long texts within a time limit, allowing you to feel more confident on the actual testing day.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Focusing on your vocabulary also helps you read faster. The more words you know, the less likely you are to stop and look for context clues about the passage. Additionally, it allows you to understand the text better without second-guessing yourself.

Boost Your Comprehension with Reading Faster Practice

Reading faster practice can help you prepare for the ACT, especially if you’re not the fastest reader out there. At the same time, it helps you look into ways to help you comprehend the text better. And so, increasing the chances of getting a better score!