Test Room Policy

Our Watches in the Test Room

Both our ACT and our SAT watches fulfill all of the criteria outlined by ACT and the College Board. Despite that, some proctors don’t fully understand the rules for each. This page will provide you with the rules for ACT and College Board, information about our compliance with their rules, and a PDF you can print and bring with you to the test room if your proctor questions your use of the watch.

PLEASE NOTE: You must wear the watch at all times. You may not keep the watch on the desk, as that would disallow it under testing policies.

Test room Requirements



Testing Timers pacing watches are not smart watches, nor do they have ay recording, internet or communication capabilities. They are 100% silent.



Testing Timers pacing watches are not smart watches, nor do they have the ability to record, transmit, receive or play back audio, photographic, text, or video content. They are 100% silent.

To comply with the “no separate timers” rule, watches must be worn on the wrist at ALL times in the test room.

In the news

When Testing Timers were first made available for sale, ABC News spoke with the testing companies to understand the rules surrounding watches in the test room. The report found that Testing Timers meet the criteria necessary to be used for the test.

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