Frequently Asked Questions

Can the watches be used in the test? Does ACT® and College Board® endorse the products?

While ACT® and College Board® do not endorse the products, both companies have publicly confirmed that our watches do meet their in test criteria and can be used during the test. For confirmation please see the following documentation: Test Room Policy (Download)

Are there discounts offered to organizations looking to purchase watches in bulk?

Absolutely. We offer an incredible partnership opportunity to tutoring companies and organizations. Please see Become a Partner or email team@testingtimers.com.

What is the warranty statement for the watches and customer service policy?

Please see our Warranty Statement. Our customer service is second to none and typically responds within 24 hours.

What type of battery is used in the watch? How long do the watches typically last?

We use a universal CR-2032 lithium battery. You can find the circular battery at any major department store and on Amazon.com. The battery typically will last between 9-11 months, depending on the battery. When the battery is low, an icon will appear. When the icon appears, you have approximately 80 days to change the battery.

Do instructions come in the box?

The entire instruction manual can be downloaded from our site here.

Is there one watch for both the ACT and the Non-ACT Standardized Test?

Unfortunately there is not. Because ACT® and the other test are two separate tests and organizations, the watches are kept separate. We do, however, offer a major discount in our shop when ordering both watches. Please see our combo pack including both watches.

Can Testing Timers watches be used for extended time test takers?

Test takers do not need to worry about buying a different watch for extended time since all of the Testing Timers watches have been designed for both standard and extended time.The watches come pre-programmed with standard and extended countdown timers for each section of the test. Additionally, the watches have a custom countdown timer that allows test takers to input any length of time they want.

What shipping options are offered when buying a Testing Timer?

USPS First Class (3-5 Business Days) – Free
USPS Priority (2-3 Business Days) – $5.00
USPS Express (1-2 Business Days) – $30.00

Does the watch offer a regular wristwatch function when the user is not testing?

Yes, press the Test Mode (bottom-left) button on the watch. For directions on setting the watch, please see the downloadable instruction manual here.

Can the user change or customize the presets on the watches?

Unfortunately, the user cannot change the testing section presets on the watches. The watches are fully encrypted, making them allowable in the test room. The only aspect of the watch that the user can change is the watch mode.