Our Mission: Help Students

Knowledge, time management and test anxiety are the three key challenges when taking the ACT and Non-ACT Standardized Test.

Our watch solves two of them.

Our mission

Testing Timers is evening the playing field in the test room. Knowledge, time management and test anxiety are three key factors while taking the ACT and Non-ACT Standardized Test, and our watch solves two of them. We’re helping to eliminate test anxiety and other outside factors preventing students from reaching their potential on the test day. By doing so, students can test with confidence, achieve their maximum score, and hopefully get into the college of their dreams.

Our story

The idea for Testing Timers came to founder and creator Jordan Liss when he was struggling to pace himself during his exams. He realized the need for a simple, yet unique, tool for students to supplement test preparation, reduce anxiety, and properly pace their time in the exam room. Today, Testing Timer watches are being used across the country to best prepare students to help them feel the confidence in the knowledge they have without worrying about time, or without letting their dreams slipping away.


Up 7 Points

My high school student took the ACT and didn't do as well as she hoped...She retook the test and went up 7 points! She believes the watch was a big part of her success. Highly recommend!

Michael Dorsey/ Coordinator of College Counseling, University City High School

A Life Saver

This was a life saver for my son. I would recommend it for everyone taking the ACT. The ACT is a sprint, and this helps keep you on time.


A Bit of Advice

Don't show up to the ACT without it.