How to Register for the ACT Online: A Quick Walkthrough

How to Register for the ACT Online: A Quick Walkthrough

Preparing for the ACT is one thing, but you also have to go through the registration process. The question is, how do you go through it?

Generally, you can do the ACT registration in two ways: online or by mail. Among these, the online process is easier and quicker as long as you follow the steps correctly.

Here’s a brief walkthrough of how it works.

1. Sign Up on the Site

The first thing you should do is head to the website to create your account. You can find this option in the “Sign In” portion of the page. Take note that you will find a prompt during account creation asking if you registered or tested before or if you’re new.

If this is your first time, you need to provide your full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, and country of residence. Afterward, you have to verify your details through an email or text message.

The MyACT account allows you to access details related to your registration, such as checking your scores, adjusting your information, or requesting reports.

2. Proceed to Registration

Now that you have an account, you can head to the “Registration” portion. You will have to go through a couple of questions throughout the process, including the following:

  • Test Center and Test Data: You can enter your zip code to find nearby testing centers to choose from and choose your option accordingly. A prompt will show up showing your selection and the test price to be sure.
  • Extra Services: You can include practice materials, tutoring services, or prep courses in your package for an extra cost. You can also add a TIR, which is a copy of your test answers. Note that this is optional.
  • Personal Information: Fill up any additional data and include a photo ID they can use to verify your identity on the test day.
  • College Choices: List the colleges you’re aiming to attend. This is where your ACT scores will be directly sent to. You can choose up to four colleges and they can send your scores for free.
  • Parent or Guardian Information: This is an optional section where you can add your parent or guardian’s contact information. It allows them to receive your test scores unless you choose to keep them private.

3. Pay the Fees

The final page of the registration form is dedicated to payments. Here, you need to review the terms and conditions of the ACT and accept them before proceeding.

For extras, keep in mind that it only includes resources and services provided by the ACT. If you’re interested in other tools, like testing timers, you can look up third-party providers. Even so, you can include them in your calculation to make sure it stays within your budget.

Once you’re ready to pay, you can input your information. The ACT test prices vary based on the option you pick and the extras you include. But generally, the test alone costs $68 or $93.

4. Confirm the Data

The registration is complete once your payment is sent and you’ve confirmed all your details! By then, you can proceed to get ready for the testing day.

Note that you can reschedule and register late for the ACT but they require an extra fee. On the other hand, cancellations are possible but the cost paid for the test itself is nonrefundable.

Learn How to Register for the ACT for Test Preparation

Most students prioritize going through their lessons before the ACT, but the preparation comes with other crucial aspects. Learning how to register for the ACT allows you to take the test in the first place. At the same time, it allows you to schedule your practice accordingly and allocate your budget well, especially if you’re getting helpful services and tools!