Ace the ACT This Year: 10 New Year's Prep Resolutions

Ace the ACT This Year: 10 New Year's Prep Resolutions

Ringing in the New Year is the perfect time to set goals that will help you ace the ACT. As the calendar resets, it allows you to improve your scores before the next test day rolls around. Setting targeted test prep resolutions will keep you focused and motivated.

1. Take a full-length practice exam to set a baseline

Before creating a study plan, take a full practice exam under timed conditions. This will establish a baseline to measure future progress. Understanding current abilities and weaknesses allows tailoring resolutions to areas needing improvement. Don’t get discouraged scores– use them to guide strategic priorities.

2. Commit to a set study schedule and routine

Mark your calendar with rigid study blocks treating prep like a class, not an extracurricular. Consistency and routine are key, so commit to short daily sessions. Build in extra time leading up to test day. Establish start and end goals for covering test sections, leaving buffer room. Automate reminders on your phone to stick to the agenda.

3. Master new vocabulary words each week

To boost Reading and Writing success, master vocabulary through flashcards or games. Absorb words in context using media like editorials and literature. Learn roots, prefixes, and suffixes to decode new terms. Test yourself weekly, keeping a running list of conquered words. Seeing vocabulary growth keeps motivation high.

4. Read challenging texts to build comprehension skills

Reading daily challenges comprehension abilities, and strengthening skills tested on the ACT. Seek texts above the current level on diverse topics like science, history, and arts. Time yourself annotating articles to mimic Test Day conditions. Generate questions and summarize contents to check to understand.

5. Reinforce math concepts

Math fundamentals are essential for ACT success. Review using video tutorials, reference sheets, and quizzes. Master foundations like ratios, probability, exponents, functions, and trigonometry. Use online practice questions to apply skills. Grade work to address lingering gaps, and reach for outside help if needed.

6. Handwrite essays and time writing to improve writing skills

Strong writing is vital for excelling in the ACT. Routinely attempt to write sample essays within timed constraints. Check mistakes and research rules behind errors. Have teachers or peers review writing to pinpoint weaknesses. Report repeated stumbling blocks to tutors.

7. Seek out tutoring if needed to conquer tough topics

Seeking outside expertise helps conquer ACT's sticking points. Local tutors offer personalized attention through identifying blindspots while building confidence. SAT prep programs give structure and accountability. Leverage these resources to supplement independent work for significant score leaps.

8. Official practice questions across all sections weekly

Get familiar with the ACT format using official practice materials on ACT’s website. Mimic testing conditions weekly through timed practice sets across all sections of the exam. This exposes you to the pacing, style, and question types of the real test, reducing anxiety. Review mistakes by researching why answers were wrong or right.

9. Simulate test day environment with time practice tests monthly

Once a month, take an official timed practice test start-to-finish. Strictly follow real testing regulations to experience the true demands of the exam. Use these as progress checks while acclimating to the test day environment. Pinpoint current weaknesses and adjust study plans accordingly. Stay hungry for your target score.

10. Stay motivated through accountability and rewards

When determination wavers, motivation tactics keep you on track. Celebrate small wins through study milestones. Team up with peers as accountability partners. Visualize success frequently by posting score goals where they will be seen daily. Believe the work will pay off– maintain positivity and effort until test day.

Keep the Momentum Going

Staying on top time of time management and minimizing test anxiety are two critical pieces of ACT success. Sticking to prep goals requires self-motivation. But nerves can also undermine exam performance.

That’s why Testing Timers created useful watches that students can use to actively track timing and pace themselves through sections. With handy alerts, you’ll know exactly where you stand time-wise rather than stressing about the ticking clock.

Keeping pace on test day take out the guesswork so you can focus efforts on demonstrating skills. Test with confidence and boost scores with Testing Timers by your side.