Up 7 Points

My high school student took the ACT and didn't do as well as she hoped...She retook the test and went up 7 points! She believes the watch was a big part of her success. Highly recommend!

Michael Dorsey/ Coordinator of College Counseling, University City High School

A Life Saver

This was a life saver for my son. I would recommend it for everyone taking the ACT. The ACT is a sprint, and this helps keep you on time.


A Bit of Advice

Don't show up to the ACT without it.


Secret to Success

Loved it, couldn't have gotten my 34 without it!

Brenda B./ Student

The Gift that Keeps Giving

My nephew was struggling with test anxiety on the ACT, and it was affecting his score. He's a smart kid, so I bought him this watch. After about a week and a half of using the watch with his practice tests, he was improving his scores.


Well worth it!

This watch was great! My daughter just took the ACT and said the timer function helped keep her on track! Super easy to use and easy to read. Before this, she would run out of time on her practice tests. Really helped her pace herself.

Liz Z.

Works as promised

My son used this to take the ACT for the second time, and he said it really improved his timing compared to the first time he took ACT without


Good ACT timer

Works great for the ACT, highly recommend for anyone that is working on getting higher score for college prep!

Andrea B.

Provided a real edge for our son's ACT exam - he absolutely loved it!

Given the cost of test prep and college, this is a no-brainer investment to improve your test score by keeping you on track (which is especially important on the ACT since there is no penalty for guessing, therefore you don't want to leave any questions blank!). This is the easiest 5-star rating I've ever given!


Definitely helped me reach my goal!

After not achieving his goal on the ACT my son looked for something to help him manage his time better as he ran out of time on 3 out of the 4 sections. He quickly found this watch and as soon as it arrived he began practicing with it. The test sections were each separate timer and were really easy to use. After test day he said it helped him manage his time better than an analog watch.