Even with unique designs, our watch is extremely easy to use. Pick your section and start the test. After that, glance at the watch when you want to check the time.

Pacing Tool

Good-bye analog clocks. No more added stress from calculating current timing off of an analog clock. Save time and stress, and use the time to actually test.


Called the “perfect supplement to test prep” for a reason. Prepare with our timers and however else you wish. Bring consistency to the test.


Every student told us exactly what we hoped for. They all tested less stressfully, saved time, and approached the test with more confidence. A recipe for success.

Digital Watch

We made the device multi-dimensional for a reason. When you’re not testing, you have yourself a modern watch for all occasions.

Pick Your Selection

Scroll through the different preset timing for each section of the test your taking.

Start the Test

When you have found the test you want to take, press the Start/Stop button to start.

Start Timing Better

Glance at the watch and get all of the information to test confidently within seconds. Save time and test better.

What’s So Special?

  • Meet all criteria to bring into test rooms
  • Allow students to pick their section from individual presets.
  • Make testing less stressful
  • Are recommended by tutors everywhere
  • Are cheaper in price in comparison to other watches
  • Are modern looking, and you won’t throw the watch away after the test.

What Clients Say

This watch is pure genius. By far the most important skill to master on a standardized, timed exam is pacing. This watch provides students with the exact pacing strategies needed for true success. No student should take a timed, standardized exam without this revolutionary watch.
Mr. Jim Giovannini -Co-Founder of Academic Tutoring Centers and ACT SUCCESS -Author of Barron's Educational Series ACT Flashcards & 6 ACT Practice Exams -President Emeritus of the Education Industry Association
I wasn’t looking for a pacing tool. I wanted a countdown timer that was admissible for test day – a watch that did not beep. Having the countdown minutes preset for each section was a convenient bonus. Test Timers is brilliant in its simplicity!
Ethan L High School Junior, Chicago
The timer helped me stay on pace so much. I was so happy to have it keep me confident and save time by pacing correctly!
Dani D. High School Senior, Chicago
Testing Timers is incredible. It made my daughter’s test completely. She though the watch helped her pace throughout the whole test. Amazing!
Lynn W. Parent, Chicago
Thank you again for making these available! It is an extraordinary product that all should use without a doubt.
Leslie K Parent, Chicago

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