June 13 ACT – Update

The question students, parents, and educators have been trying to figure out all week is whether or not the June ACT is still happening. The answer, unfortunately, seems to be yes and no. While some states are still planning on administering the test, it’s becoming increasingly likely that other states are out altogether. California is one of the states that has been hit the hardest by COVID-19 and just recently extended its stay-at-home order until August, so California is not expected to offer the June ACT. Additionally, it looks like some of the high schools in which students are registered to take the June test will no longer be able to administer it. The ACT has said it will try and find alternative locations for the students affected by these decisions.

But despite these examples, it seems like the ACT is looking to give the June test as planned to most of the students who are registered. The ACT will be making final announcements about which states/schools are giving the test during the week of May 26, so we will keep you updated on all the developments as soon as they happen.

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